Friday, March 10, 2006

On The Message versus the NIV

I find myself unwilling to pick up on my study and commence the two essays I need to write.

I find more pleasure and joy in blogging and pursuing my business ends than study.

I pray, I give thanks every day for my blessings, yet currently the focus of my mind is on communications, not scripture.

I am mildly shocked, but unsurprised, by my ambivalence to studying scripture. I would rather read books about the Bible than the Bible itself. Perhaps it is because the language, even of the NIV, is so complex — I have the sensibilities (partly) of the video generation; I spent the latter part of my teenage years engrossed in music videos.

Perhaps I should read The Message instead of the NIV. Perhaps I should start writing the essays anyway, even though I have no point of view (which has always been my position at Tabor — there is soooooo much more that I don’t know than what I do know, so an informed, Masters-level, opinion is a very real stretch for me). The only times I remember having a definite ‘view’ were in 2nd year Social Psychology, which I seemed to understand without trying and always scored in the 80s for in my essays.

“I can all things through Christ who strengthens me”
Philippians 4:13

I have asked Christ to help me cope with many things recently, as I don’t have the strength to cope on my own.

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It's been a while

And sorry that I’ve been gone, but as some of you know serious illness has kept me away.

I think I’m ready to start studying again, and sharing my journey.

God bless us all for His wisdom and patience with those of us who have precious little of either.