Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Prophetic images from today's worship

With the fearsome return of my mental health challenges, I have felt deserted by the God that supposedly loves me and never leaves me.

But two words today from two different people have impacted greatly upon me.

Jesus is standing on the cliff top; as we are buffeted about by the waves, scared that we may drown, and it's dark and we can't see where we are, Jesus is there on the cliff top shining a light and showing us a way to safety.

And from Hans: my period of disconnection is like changing gears in a car; whenever you change gears you go through neutral — depending on how good your synchromesh is will determine how long you stay in neutral before finding the next gear.

I have been overwhelmed by the care and concern shown to me by my fellows in my community. Your love blows me away and humbles me.

And it was a joy for my heart to hug Don and Debbie Crook again. I am blessed by having them in my life, for they are truly wonderful.


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Roger said...

Gidday Lee. It's funny how sometimes it takes an internet site and a couple of electronic links to find out the issues in each others lives. No idea that this was a challenge for you so you will be in my prayers. Be encouraged and hang in there, for it is in the darker times that we truly uncover that which helps us grow. Good words from Hans. God Bless mate. Roger.


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